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Industrial reefs and fishery resources

Photo credit: Hussein Ali Mohammed Alshihi (Oman)       Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal Historic information: Artificial reefs have been around for hundreds of years starting in Japan in the 1600s. The sunken or deteriorating ship wrecks and vessels (e.g. cars, bus bodies, and railroad cars) have been utilized to attract fish and enhance fishery …

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Traditional Stilt fishing in Sri Lanka

Image credit: D. S. K. Pitigala and Ananda sugathapala (SriLanka)         Text: Abdel Rahman El Gamal Background: the “stilt fishing” or ritipanna is a tradition fishing technique which is practiced especially around the towns of Kathaluwa and Ahangama, Sri Lanka. Historically, stilt fishing in Sri Lanka started after the Second World War when …

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