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Nursed red abalone while grazing on sea lettuce (Ulva sp.)

Credit: Peter Hain (Monterey, USA) Red abalone, Haliotis rufescensis an important fishery resource in California, where several hatcheries are producing juveniles of this species. This picture has been taken in a nursing tank in one of those hatcheries located in Monterey region, California. Diatom is the starting feed for baby abalone. As abalones grow on the …

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Culture of sea Lettuce, Ulva lactuca in Chile

Photo credit:Ahmad Yousef alqarain (Jordan) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website) Sea Lettuce – Ulva lactuca is a species of green seaweed that belongs to the family Ulvaceae is found naturally worldwide. The uses of this species vary and include human food, make of paper, fertilizers and others. In regard to human consumption, the food …

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