Culture of Indian white shrimp, Penaeus indicus in Egypt: Grow-out/sampling (5 out of 6)

Credit for the photos and information providing: Sherif Sadek and Mohamed Sabry (ACO)- Egypt

Reporting: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The photos are related to the shrimp sampling during the grow-out in shrimp ponds in this particular shrimp farm located along Port Said-Damietta road, Egypt.

Shrimp are sampled biweekly for key purposes including the assessment of growth rate, homogeneity and to get an idea about survival rate as well as disease incidences if any. Cast nets are used in the sampling at a rate of 15 castings in each sampling per hectar. While most samplings are done in the feeding zones, remaining castings are done in the far end of the grow-out pond.

The last shrimp sampling is done about 3-days before the suggested harvest day to ensure that the targeted weight has been achieved considering the market demand and pricing system.

One of the photos show the homogeneity of sampled shrimp while the second photo shows the condition of sampled specimens.

Culture of white Indian shrimp (Sampling) 01 Culture of white Indian shrimp (Sampling) 02



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