Culture of Indian white shrimp in Egypt – Stocking in grow-out ponds (3 out of 6)

Credit for the photos and information providing: Sherif Sadek and Mohamed Sabry (ACO)- Egypt

Reporting: Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The two photos address the stocking of nursed juveniles of about 1-g and plus of average size into an earthen pond which was prepared and cleared of unwanted fish and crabs. Grow-out ponds are well screened to ensure no entry of unwanted organisms. In this particular farm, shrimp juveniles are stocked at a density of 6 juveniles/m2.  As shown in one photo, stocked juveniles are acclimatized to pond waters. Some shrimp farms lack the nursing facility, in such case, the shrimp post larvae acquired from the shrimp hatchery are stocked directly into the grow-out pond with higher stocking density to make-up the expected higher mortality rate in this case.

The farming system in the present farm adopts a polyculture system whereas a species of mullet of high market value (keeled mullet, Liza carinata) which is stocked at the rate of 2500 pieces/acre of 2-g average size.

Culture of Indian white shrimp in Egypt (stocking in the grow out ponds) 01 Culture of Indian white shrimp in Egypt (stocking in the grow out ponds) 02






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