Hatchery facility for the migratory fish species (Itutinga, MG, Brazil)

Credit: Ever Edrey Hernandez (Colombia)

The hatchery facilities shown in the photos are located in the Fish Culture Station Hydroelectric Itutinga, Itutinga, MG, Brazil.

The spawning activities of the hatchery focus on migratory species including curimba, curimatâ, (Prochilodus lineatus), Pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus), piracanjuba (Brycon orbignyanus), dourado (Salminus brasiliensis), and pirapitinga (Brycon nattereri). The reproduced species are subjected to artificial induced breeding whereas the produced progeny are used for research, subsistence fishery and for a restocking program. Approximately one million fingerlings of mentioned species are produced during the breeding season (December – early March).

Brazil - Hatchery facility (02) Brazil - Hatchery facility (03) Brazil - Hatchery facility (01)





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