Desert aquaculture in Fouja village, North Kordofan (Sudan) – Pond establishment

Credit: Mamoun Obeida (Sudan)

The photos show the establishment of a fish pond in Fouja village, Bara Locality- North Kordofan State. This project represents a part of the Environmental Change Programme and is carried out by Fisheries Department (North Kordofan State). The underground water is the only source of water for this pond which is planned for the culture of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus.

As seen in the photos, the local community in Fouja village is the ones who prepare the fish pond starting with manual digging using local equipment. Because this pond is being established in sandy soil and in order to prevent the leakage of pond water, the bottom and dikes of the pond are lined with polyethylene sheets of appropriate thickness which is topped by a mud layer of about 10-cm thickness.


Desert aquaculture in Sudan Pond preparation (01) Desert aquaculture in Sudan Pond preparation (03)



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