Role of fishermen and fisherwomen in fish catch and selling at the Ambowé landing site, Libreville, (Gabon)

Credit: Chantal Sengue Ngoulou and Jean Michel Megne Me Zeng (Gabon)

The photo shows some fishing activities which are carried out at the Ambowé landing site, Libreville (Gabon). The photo shows women who are selling fish as the case in other landing sites in Gabon. Men fishermen and women are working together in harmony; men prepare fishing gears and go fishing while women sell the catch. In some occasion and as fishermen arrive landing site, women buy fish and resell it. Typically, fish prices are negotiable. The fish consumption in Gabon is high and hence, fish in the market is usually sold out. However, left over fish are either smoked or dried and both products have a good market.

Fish selling in a landing site in Gabon

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