Safari Fishing in the Red Sea, Egypt

Video credit: Waleed Masood (Egypt)

Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (The video channel founder)

The warm climate in the Red Sea region contributes the all-year recreation fishery. Moreover, the diversity of species, the rich coral reef fauna makes the sport fishery in the Red Sea an enjoyable experience whether for Egyptians or for the tourists who are actively visit the Red Sea region.

Rental boats at different sizes and levels are available for fishing trips which could be for a day or for several days. The video films the starting of a safari fishing trip which lasts several days. Hamata which enjoys a rich fishery has been the target of this particular fishing trip.

Quite often, the fishing boats are operated by professional fishermen who have the experience in locating active fishing spots throughout the trip. Rods, spinning reels, and all fishing supplies such as baits, hooks, sinkers, line swivels and others are usually provided. Some boats are equipped with fish finders. The video shows the fishing hobbyists and the boat crew.

Depending on fishing practices, caught fish could include any of barracuda, grouper, king mackerel, bonito, snapper, emperors, tuna, and others. It should be noted that some fishing practices such as spear gun fishing and harpooning are prohibited in Egypt.



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