Integrated duck-fish farming

The compatibility between ducks and fish in such integrated system is of top importance bearing in mind that while ducks are warm blooded animals, fish are cold blooded animals. Therefore proper management should be in place including stocking times and rates. For example, when such integrated system is applied in warm water aquaculture in temperate countries, the improper management in regard to timing and/or number of ducks may lead to accumulation of duck droppings during the cold part of the year and soon enough after warming up, organic dropping will decompose in a short time pulling the dissolved oxygen from water which may lead to fish kill. In well managed system, ducks could suppress some of unwanted vegetation in the pond. Moreover, a significant portion of duck feed is obtained from various organisms such as vegetation and aquatic insects. The movement of ducks help aerate the water and may stir pond bottom releasing trapped phosphorus and bring it back in the system.

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