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Rotation of fish farming with selected agricultural crops

Rotation concept has been practiced based on the nature of aquaculture and agriculture in a given region. Attached pictures show the farming of winter agricultural crops (e.g. wheat – alfalfa) in fish ponds. In temperate climates such as in Egypt, and in situations where Nile tilapia leads aquaculture cropping, fish harvest usually takes place before …

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Integrated duck-fish farming

The compatibility between ducks and fish in such integrated system is of top importance bearing in mind that while ducks are warm blooded animals, fish are cold blooded animals. Therefore proper management should be in place including stocking times and rates. For example, when such integrated system is applied in warm water aquaculture in temperate countries, …

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Integrated rice-fish culture

A well-known model of integrated aquaculture-agriculture which has been practiced in countries whereas rice is a key crop. In Egypt, this integrated system is carried out with the support of the government whereas common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is delivered to contributing farms at no cost. The economic advantages of such integrated system include the increase of rice …

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