A tour on sun-drying practices of fish in 15 African, Asian and European countries

The collection of posts on sun-drying of fish does not only cover this wide geographical area (15 countries), it also deals with various fish species (bony fish, sharks) and octopus. The collection also addresses some of the high value fish products such as shark fins. In regard to the timings of the practices, few posts bring in historic information describing how cod was sun-dried in Norway in 1920 as well as feeding dried sardines to camels in Yemen during 1946. The below photos are samples of larger group. The trade of dried fish is also covered in this collection. Hope you enjoy the tour. Abdel Rahman El Gamal 


Country Link Link
Burundi http://fishconsult.org/?p=10049
Chad http://fishconsult.org/?p=2499
Egypt http://fishconsult.org/?p=11133
Gambia http://fishconsult.org/?p=9707
Ghana http://fishconsult.org/?p=8586
Malawi http://fishconsult.org/?p=4360
Nepal http://fishconsult.org/?p=1694
Norway http://fishconsult.org/?p=8909
Oman http://fishconsult.org/?p=10618 http://fishconsult.org/?p=11138http://fishconsult.org/?p=11140
South Sudan http://fishconsult.org/?p=3625 http://fishconsult.org/?p=3879http://fishconsult.org/?p=3900
Thailand http://fishconsult.org/?p=6581 http://fishconsult.org/?p=7639
Togo http://fishconsult.org/?p=7839
Yemen http://fishconsult.org/?p=8952
Zambia http://fishconsult.org/?p=6634
Zanzibar http://fishconsult.org/?p=8889


Sun-drying collection (02) Sun-drying collection (03) Sun-drying collection (04) Sun-drying collection (05) Sun-drying collection (01)



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