Kraal fishery in lagoons and bays in SriLanka

Credit: Ajith Kumara (SriLanka)      Review: Ajith Kumara and Abdel Rahman El Gamal

The photos show a traditional fishing method “Kraal fishery” which has been in practice for centuries in SriLanka. This trapping method is designed to catch shrimps in lagoons and bays. This pen enclosure is prepared against tidal fluctuations blocking the migration pathway of shrimp and fish that accumulate inside the trap. The local name of this trap is “Jakotu”. Wooden poles, nylon nets and circular steel parts are materials used in the construction of “Kraals”.

There are some negative effects which could be related to the practicing of “Krall fishery”; catching of under-sized fish is a key side effect. In order to address such possible negative effects, regulations have been issued during the licensing procedures or throughout the operation. The mesh size, the distances to be left for passage of craft, the distance between Kraals, night lightening and the closing of fishery season are examples of the governing regulations of Kraal fishery. It should be noted that the enforcing the governing regulations on “Kraal” fishery is not easy due to social matters.

Kraal fishery (Srilanka) 01 Kraal fishery (Srilanka) 02



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