Enforcing inland fishery regulations in SriLanka

Credit: Ajith Kumara (SriLanka)

One of the photos shows one of the monthly visits to a fish landing site as carried out by fishery officials which is done in several reservoirs. The purpose of these visits is to acquire biological data on commercial fish species which were in this reservoir Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus and O. mossambicus. During the monthly visit, the data collected include length frequency and reproductive biology such as stage of maturity, fecundity, gonado-somatic index, etc.).

The gill nets of mesh size above 84 mm are the only fishing gears allowed to operate in inland waters. If the fishing regulations are violated, it turns to court and appropriate penalty is applied. This is in addition to destroying the illegal nets (usually burning).

The second photo shows a holding device which is used by fishermen who temporary hold their catch for overnight till selling it in the following morning as fish vendors show-up. This wired device when placed in an identified body of water will help to keep the caught fish alive for overnight.


Enforcing fishery regulations (01) SriLanka Enforcing inland fishery regulations in SriLanka (02)


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