Heritage fishing:One-leg fishing in Lake Inle (Myanmar)

Credit for the photo: Mission report on inland aquaculture and fisheries, Rap publication 2003/18

Technical review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The fishermen on Inle Lake have a unique rowing style. They have mastered the art of standing on one leg on the extreme of the boat and wrapping their other leg around the oar so that both hands are free for fishing while using one foot to paddle.

Because there are reeds and aquatic plants in Lake Inle, the “one-leg fishing” allows fishermen to lead the way better while the view could be blocked by plants in case of row sitting.

This unique fishing style attracted tourist agents who placed it among the attractions to be seen during the visit to Lake Inle. However, and based on quite a feedbacks,  tourists like more to see real one-leg fishermen who may be busy fishing and may not be interested in posing rather than touristic show business.

One leg fishing (Myanmar)




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