Assessment of feed consumption and shrimp condition in earthen ponds in Vietnam – Video

Credit for the video: Ahmed Shaheen – Egypt

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website and video channel)

This video was filmed in a shrimp pond in Vietnam. It seems from the aeration system that the pond is managed at intensive level.

Because the high cost of shrimp feed, efforts are spent to minimize the feed waste caused by overfeeding and in the same time to provide the optimum quantity of feed for the best growth.
Shrimp are  fed 4-5 times/day. Most of feed quantity is provided during night since shrimps are more active at night.
As shown in the video, feeding trays are used in shrimp feeding. These trays could be square as the one shown in the video, or could be round. In each feeding, the determined quantity of feed is placed in feeding trays which are spread along one of pond lengths. Two hours after feeding, the trays are physically checked to determine the status of feed consumption and/or leftovers. The observation on feed consumption is utilized in adjusting feeding rates whenever necessary. A fixed portion of the required feed is placed on feeding trays for monitoring purpose while the bulk of feed is spread over the pond bottom. About 15 feeding trays are recommended per hectar of pond space.
It is of particular importance to observe the overall condition of shrimp staying on the feeding tray. Even though observing shrimp on feeding trays is not the real sampling, an assessment of the overall condition of shrimp is obtained.






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