Fish Culture Development training course – Egypt (2014)

The technical session of the 75-day “Fish Culture Development” training course started in Cairo on the 9th of October, 2014. This annually organized training course is supported by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA). The participants in the 2014 course are Abu Talukder and Zahangir Alam (Bangladesh), Codyo Bertin Ahokin (Benin), Rory Felix (Bolivia), Ana Maria Melendez and Andres Delgado (Colombia), Maritza Marroquin (El Salvador), Alejandro Joachin (Guatemala), Vui Kien Liew (Malaysia), Maria do Carmo Carrilho (Mozambique), Bishnu khanal (Nepal), Kanwal Odhejo (Pakistan), Martin Cautvein Grecia (Peru), Makhtar Ndiaye (Senegal), Ruchia Ananween (SriLanka), Sharaf Eldeen Haroun (Sudan), Narin Songseechan (Thailand), Stella Nabayunga Walugembe (Uganda), Willy Oviedo (Uruguay), Mariana Rodriguez (Venezuela) and Alick Mbewe (Zambia). As occurs every year, Dr. Abdel Rahman El Gamal delivered the first lecture and continues his contributing by several lectures in this course.

EICA 2014 Group picture (02) EICA 2014 Group picture (01)



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