Applications of genetics in aquaculture and fishery (principles – selection and hybridization – sex reversal – advanced breeding technologies)

This lecture was delivered on the 19th of October, 2014 in the Fish Culture Development training course that is annually organized by the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA). The lecture starts with principles of genetics and breeding focusing on those related to breeding programs. Qualitative and quantitative traits are covered. The effective breeding number Ne in relation to the inbreeding and broodstock management is addressed with enough examples. Heritability has been addressed in relation to selection programs. The sex reversal whether for the production of all-male or all-female population has been covered. The use of advanced technologies such as ploidy induction, androgenesis, gynogenesis and genetic engineering are briefly covered. The lecture ended by the impacts of fishing practices on the make-up of fish populations. The lecture is supported by pictures, Tables, and illustrations.

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