Culture of “Paiche”, Arapaima gigas  in floating cages in Lake Imiria, Peru

Photos’ credit: Fred Chu-Koo via Juan Martin Canturin Garcia (Peru)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The large demand on “Paiche” in Peurvian and international markets encouraged the farming initiative of the species especially in the light of its excellent characteristics including its high growth rate, no intramuscular spines, and tolerance to low oxygen as the species is an air breathing fish. It is known that the species is one of the largest freshwater scale fishes in the world.

The farming technology for “Paiche” in floating cages was first validated in Imiria Lake when fish juvenile of “Paiches” were stocked in densities of 2 to 3 fish/m3. The training of “Paiche” to consume artificial feed has been considered a key characteristic towards the farming of the species.

Initial practices indicated the ability of “Paiche” to consume artificial feed of 40% protein and reach a weight of about 12 kg after 12 months of growth. It is obvious that the sustained supply of “Paiche” fingerlings is a must for the development of “Paiche” farming.

Cage culture of Paiche in Lake Imiria (Peru) Cage culture of Paiche in Lake Imiria (Peru) 2b



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