Nepali women and small-scale aquaculture -Video (in Nepali language)

Video credit: Bishnu khanal (Nepal)

Description: Bishnu khanal (Nepal) and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)


Based on the government data of Nepal, a large number of people leave the country for work. They are mostly youngsters and males. Most women stay at home as housewives to take care of kids, elderly and family farms.

Traditionally, rural women are involved either in fishing or fishing-related activities. Promoting small-scale aquaculture to women started during late 1990s with the support of the government whereas women’s groups have demonstrated a significant meaningful and long-lasting contribution to their communities, their families and before all, themselves. The participation of women in the program is rapidly increasing reaching about 40% of total fish farmers. Fish species often grown in these farms include bighead carp, common carp, Grass carp and Silver carp.

This particular video shows a part of the small-scale aquaculture in which the woman’s group formed about 18 years ago by 25 women. Initially, women began to raise fish by leasing 1 acre land. Their activities did not stop at fish production but they also buy fresh fish and process it. This successful model inspired other women in poor and rural societies in which fish farming has been believed to be the man’s and not women occupation. It worth mentioning that the women group shown in this video were honored by “Gurkha Dakxcinbahu” prize.




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