Fish Hatchery Management (Reproductive biology – natural reproduction – spawning induction – hatchery operations and management)

This lecture was delivered during October 2014 as a part of Fish Culture Development training course. This course is annually organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA). In order to address the management of fish hatchery management, it was necessary to start begin the lecture with the modes of fish reproduction as well as parental care in various groups of fish of global dimension. Gonadal development and triggering spawning factors have been addressed as an introduction to hatchery techniques and spawning induction. The management of broodstock and their replacement have been covered then the hormones used in the artificial reproduction whether the pituitary glands or various hormones such as HCG or LHRH). The spawning operations are covered in the lecture including the hormonal injection, ovulation, incubation and hatching. Water requirement in regard to quantity or quality has been also covered. Also, the enhancement of the hatchery performance has been covered in the lecture. The lecture ended by the nursing of hatchlings. The lecture is supported by numerous pictures and figures.–-natural-reproduction-–-spawning-induction-–-hatchery-operations-and-management.pdf

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