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Artificial reproduction of Koi carp in Vietnam (Video)

Video credit: Mohamed Atta (Egypt) – Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel) The inserted video was filmed in a private fish hatchery in Vietnam. The video began with the egg stripping upon the ovulation of two females. One can notice that the egg volume varied among the two females with much …

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Fish Hatchery Management (Reproductive biology – natural reproduction – spawning induction – hatchery operations and management)

This lecture was delivered during October 2014 as a part of Fish Culture Development training course. This course is annually organized by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA). In order to address the management of fish hatchery management, it was necessary to start begin the lecture with the modes of fish reproduction as well …

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Organic fertilization of fish ponds using chicken manure in China

Credit: Khamis killei John (South Sudan) The photos show the use of chicken manure in earthen ponds in China. The manure bag is confined in the pond corners using bamboos. Bagging the manure allows the continuous release of nutrients and ensures the gentle and continuous fertilization in fish ponds.  

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Artificial reproduction of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Peru

Credit:  Oscar  Del Valle  Ayala  via Wilder Rodrìguez Arteaga (Peru) The photos shown are related to the reproduction of rainbow trout, in Peru. The reproduction process includes the selection of broodstock, egg stripping from female and then mixing the sperm collected from males in the fertilization process before incubating fertilized eggs until hatching.    

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Chilean sea urchin, Loxechinus albus (Spawning induction- fertilization – larval rearing)

Credit: Rodrigo Rivera González  (Chile) Introduction: The current photos illustrate parts of the artificial spawning of Chilean sea urchin using chemicals based on its effectiveness. There are several physical, chemical and mechanical stimuli which could be used to induce the spawning of sea urchin and the release of gametes. The procedures related to the photos are …

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Egyptian aquaculture (historic information – development – practices – productivity)

The significant development of Egyptian aquaculture in the present goes back to 1980s/1990s. Among the major events which took place during the early development was capacity building as represented in a 6-month training course which was conducted on El Zawya fish farm, Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, Egypt in 1980. The 21 participants enrolled in this …

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Organic fertilization of a fish pond in Madagascar (in French)

Credit: BE Jean Jacques (Madagascar) Etang piscicole pour l’élevage de Tilapia avec la Compostière au coin de l’étang pour mettre les matières organiques à dégrader afin de fertiliser l’étang. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust you will notify us if you wish to use a …

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Construction of fertilizing cribs in tilapia ponds in Malawi

Credit: Allan Katola (Malawi) The photo shows the constructing a crib for manure in tilapia pond in Thyolo district Malawi. This system is commonly used in small scale fish farms where farmers rely on animal manure which have little nutritive content. In order to avoid the silting up the pond by the large quantities of …

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Fertilization of fish eggs and quality of off-spring

This piece of information shows the practice of the sequentuial fertilization of fish egg is carried out by several males. The rationality of such practice as well as concerns have been highlighted. The drawback of such practice could be summarized in the overdominance of particular sperm over others which leads to lowering the effective breeding number …

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Development of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) hatchery in the Nyanza province, Kenya

This project has been developed by a team of trainees who participated during 2007 in the Warm Water Fish Production training course. This course is annually hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The project addresses the establishment of a hatchery for African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in the …

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