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Chilean sea urchin, Loxechinus albus (Spawning induction- fertilization – larval rearing)

Credit: Rodrigo Rivera González  (Chile) Introduction: The current photos illustrate parts of the artificial spawning of Chilean sea urchin using chemicals based on its effectiveness. There are several physical, chemical and mechanical stimuli which could be used to induce the spawning of sea urchin and the release of gametes. The procedures related to the photos are …

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Lighting for zooplankton during nursery and fattening stages of red tilapia in Colombia

Credit: Glenda Vélez Calabria (Colombia) As shown in the photo, artisan lamps are used at night in order to keep the zooplankton on the surface, thereby taking advantage of the productivity of the medium while using less artificial feed during the first and second phase grow-out of red tilapia. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos …

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Integrated fish farming and rabbit culture in Rwanda

Credit: Emmanuel Hahirwabasenga and Rwigiriza Augustin Kanimba (Rwanda) The photos show an individually owned fish farm whereas the integration of fish farming and rabbit is practiced. The organic manure produced by rabbits is used to enhance the natural food in fish pond and hence improve the nutritional status as well as the economics of the …

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