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Management of capture fishery in Rwanda

Credit: Léandre Ndahayo (Rwanda) This photo shows fishery guards while checking the fishing gears (e.g. measuring mesh size) as a direct and effective means in the control and management of capture fishery in Rwanda.    

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Fishing gears and fishing efforts in Rwanda (English/French)

The photo shows the inspection of fishing net for the evaluation and determination process of optimal fishing effort for aquatic resources in Rwanda.  La photo montre l’inspection du filet de pêche pour le processus d’évaluation et la détermination de l’effort de pêche optimale des ressources aquatiques au Rwanda.  

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Training of fish grassroots fish producers in Rwanda (English/French)

This photo shows a model of an awareness and training of grassroots fish producers grouped in associations operating in a fishing community in Rwanda. Esta foto muestra un modelo de sensibilización y capacitación de los productores pesqueros Grassroot agrupados en asociaciones que operan en una comunidad pesquera en Rwanda.

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Rural aquaculture in Kigali, Rwanda

This project has been developed by a group of trainees who participated during 2007 in the Warm Water Fish Production training course which is hosted by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The proposed location of this project is Kigali, Rwanda. The project focus on viable …

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Introduction and impact of water hyacinth in Rwanda water bodies

  The two photos show the invasion of water water hyacinth in a water body (bay) in Rwanda. Water hyacinth is an exotic plant species which was introduced into Rwanda. The dense of the plant growth my reach a level of closing water bodies.  

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Cage farming of Nile tilapia in Lake Kivu (Rwanda)

Photo credit:   Stephanie  Kamonro (Rwanda)                                  Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal Fish production from capture fishery in Rwanda is not sufficient to meet the local demand and hence the gap between supply and demand is filled by fish imports. …

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Fishing gears and practices in Lake Kivu (Rwanda)

Credit: Stephanie Kamonro (Rwanda) The two photos show fishing boats, gears and techniques,  as practiced in Lake Kivu. The efficiency of such fishing practices as well as its impacts on fishery stocks in the lake is an issue of concern. The second photo shows the harvesting of fish fry using mosquito nets. Note: We decided not …

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Rice field irrigated by water discharge of Rwojya dam in Rwanda

Credit: Leandre Ndahayo (Rwanda) This rice field shown in the photo receives its water from a dam  (Rwojya) located in Kirehe. The government stocks the dam with tilapia. The fishermen operating in this dam are the owners of the land used in dam construction. Rice fields receive the fertile water from Rwojya dam and hence enhance …

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Fish harvest of Lake Cyohoha, Rwanda

Credit: Leandre Ndahayo (Rwanda) The photo shows the fish harvest of Lake Cyohoha, Bugesera, Rwanda. The lake is being stocked with tilapia under the supervision of the governmental fishery agency. This day of fish harvest takes place six months after stocking and fishery closing. The people appear in the photo are the community members who came …

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Monitoring and enforcing the use of legal fishing nets (Rwanda) – in French

Credit: Leandre Ndahayo (Rwanda) Après l’ouverture à la peche quelques pecheurs font la tricherie en melangeant les fillets a mails different d’où les gardes peches sont obligés  de faire  un control des filet au moin une fois par semaine. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust …

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