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Country report – Libya (2015)

Owner of the report:  Abdallah Elmgawshi (Libya) Permission has been granted by Abdallah to publish the report on this site The report started with key cultural issues and economic activities especially in regard to the petroleum and natural gas. Most of the report has been devoted to aquaculture (freshwater and marine) while briefly passing on capture …

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Contribution of women in aquaculture and capture fishery in Nepal

Credit: Deepak Bhusal (Nepal) The photos and the graph show the active contribution of women in aquaculture and capture fishery in Nepal. However, the contribution level varies among the two sectors. While 60.4% of the work force in capture fishery is credit to women, the contribution of women in aquaculture is reduced to 32.6%.

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Management of capture fishery in Rwanda

Credit: Léandre Ndahayo (Rwanda) This photo shows fishery guards while checking the fishing gears (e.g. measuring mesh size) as a direct and effective means in the control and management of capture fishery in Rwanda.    

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Indonesian Fishery sector (capture fishery – aquaculture – processing – trade) – 33 min-video

The owner of this video is “Directorate General of Culture Fishery – Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries” Credit: Solah Ahmad (Indonesia) This relatively long video covers the fishery sector in Indonesia starting by capture fishery and then aquaculture, processing and export. Aquaculture system is being covered in more details whereas key farmed species were …

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Enforcing fishery regulations in Zambia

Credit: Lumbwe Kalumba (Zambia) A Department of Fisheries officer displays fish that was caught during the closed fishing season. It is illegal to be found in fishing or in possession of fish during this period which runs from 1st of December to 28th of February in the following year. The fish and fishing gears are then …

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Monitoring and enforcing the use of legal fishing nets (Rwanda) – in French

Credit: Leandre Ndahayo (Rwanda) Après l’ouverture à la peche quelques pecheurs font la tricherie en melangeant les fillets a mails different d’où les gardes peches sont obligés  de faire  un control des filet au moin une fois par semaine. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. However, we trust …

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Fishery practices in Lake Nasser (Egypt)

The two photos show a common fishing practices in Lake Nasser. As seen in the photos, two fishermen operates this non-motorized fishing boat. Fishermen set the fishing seine in the place and position which they expect the best based on their experience. One of the fishermen start to beat water surface with an iron rod …

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Fish aggregating devices and tuna fishery in Mauritus

Credit: Emrith Vinesh (Mauritius) This structure shown in the photo which was introduced in 1985 is known as a Fish Aggregating Device. Fish aggregating devices (FADs) are floating objects that are specifically designed and located to attract tunas, and therefore allow fishers to find them more easily.  The aim is to relocate the artisanal fishermen from …

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Capture fishery practices and regulations in Mauritius

Credit:Emrith Vinesh (Mauritius) The gear used for fishing is known as large net. This net has a maximum length of 500m and made up of square meshes measuring not less than 9 cm when stretched diagonally and when the net is wet (According to the Fisheries and Marine Resources Act) It is prohibited to use the …

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Myanmar fishery overview

Credit: Zaw Zaw Htwe (Myanmar) Fisheries sector plays a very important role in National Economy and also in the diet of the people. Myanmar people prefer to eat fish especially fresh water rather than marine or brackish water fishes. Marine fishes usually come from capture fishery through fishing vessels and various fisheries products implementations are exported. …

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