Indonesian Fishery sector (capture fishery – aquaculture – processing – trade) – 33 min-video

The owner of this video is “Directorate General of Culture Fishery – Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries”

Credit: Solah Ahmad (Indonesia)Indonesian fishery sector

This relatively long video covers the fishery sector in Indonesia starting by capture fishery and then aquaculture, processing and export. Aquaculture system is being covered in more details whereas key farmed species were highlighted including: grouper, marine shrimp, milk fish, red seabass, white seabass, pearl culture, freshwater prawn, GIFT tilapia, local catfish, green muscle, Gracilaria and others. Aquaculture facilities include earthen ponds, tanks and cages. Artificial reproduction for key species is included. Several research stations and their activities have been brought in the video including Kenipa Macan, Unit Pengembangan Buoidaya Air Tawar UPPAT, Kerapu Babak, Pembudidayaan Rumput Laut, and others.

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