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Fish export from Oman – Video

  This video was filmed during a brief visit to the facility of Oman Fisheries Company (Muscat) facility in 2013.  According to FAO, 99,007 tons of fish with amount of about 142.9 million US$ of fish has been exported from Oman in 2013. The major export destinations for Oman fishery products in general are the …

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Fish processing and export at Karachi Sindh, Pakistan

Credit: Kanwal Odhejo (Pakistan) There are 29 fish processing units in Pakistan with storage capacity of 10,000 tons, out of these 25 units are located in Karachi of Federal Government provided intelligentsia and technical assistance to seafood establishments for improving their processing conditions in line with various EU / international standards. Through this process, eight …

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Development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture – updated 2013 version

This review addresses the following issues: Contribution of aquaculture to total fishery over an extended period of time Mode of aquaculture development in Egypt starting by historic information Aquaculture development and natural resources (land and water) Aquaculture practices in relation to the limitation of natural resources (intensification, integration, rotation) Production basket focusing on tilapia Aquaculture …

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Indonesian Fishery sector (capture fishery – aquaculture – processing – trade) – 33 min-video

The owner of this video is “Directorate General of Culture Fishery – Department of Marine Affairs and Fisheries” Credit: Solah Ahmad (Indonesia) This relatively long video covers the fishery sector in Indonesia starting by capture fishery and then aquaculture, processing and export. Aquaculture system is being covered in more details whereas key farmed species were …

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Industrial fish processing in Uganda

Credit: Mbiro Alexander (Uganda) The photos show fish processing factories which are located mainly around Lake Victoria. Uganda exports considerable quantities of fish products especially Nile perch, Lates niloticus. The principal fishery products are chilled & frozen fillets, fish maws, fats & red meat, skin, head and flanks. Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in …

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Export of fresh and frozen octopus from Egypt

The export of octopus represents a significant portion of total fish export from Egypt. The octopus is harvested from the Mediterranean Sea whereas the export is carried by licensed establishments. A portion of the export is done at fresh form while most of exported octopus is at frozen form. The European markets are the key …

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Local and regional trade of Ugandan fish (Arua town fish market)

Credit:  Enima Chris (Uganda) This picture shows fish selling in Arua Town Market on modest facilities. This market which is the biggest fish market in the region was constructed long time and hence requires renovation. Most of the traded fish finally is transported to Democratic Republic of Congo and the South Sudan which are very …

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