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Fish Hatchery Management (2015 version)

This lecture was delivered in the Fish Culture Development training course which started on August 2015. This course is annually organized –since 2004- by the Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture “EICA” and supported by Japan International Cooperation Agency “JICA”. The course hosts 15 African trainees from nine African countries. This lecture will be delivered also …

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Establishment of small-scale fish hatcheries in SriLanka

Credit: Ananda Sugathapala (SriLanka) The annual requirement of fish fingerlings for Mahaweli system H is about 2.5 million. The two operating hatcheries target to supply the requirement of fingerlings. The two hatcheries are maintained by two farmer groups at Pahalahalmillewa and meegalewa block. The annual fingerling production of the two hatcheries is about two millions.  

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Development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture – updated 2013 version

This review addresses the following issues: Contribution of aquaculture to total fishery over an extended period of time Mode of aquaculture development in Egypt starting by historic information Aquaculture development and natural resources (land and water) Aquaculture practices in relation to the limitation of natural resources (intensification, integration, rotation) Production basket focusing on tilapia Aquaculture …

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