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Mullet fishery in Lake Bardawil (Egypt)

Credit for two photos: Magd Al-Bawaab (Egypt) Description: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Website founder) The fishery of mullet in Lake Bardawil amounted 1087 tons in 2012 and so is considered –by far- the leading finfish species in lake catch. As shown in one of the photos, five boats are involved in mullet fishery and operated …

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Gambia artisanal fishery – Hook and line fishing

Credit: Peter K Mendy (Gambia) The photos show a typical fishing boat in Gambia artisanal fishery. Hook and line fishing is used when fishing of large value species like; giant African threadfin, and Barracuda is targeted. Because of the warm climate, fishermen normally carry along those boxes and ice with them when going fishing to …

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Fishing gears and practices in Lake Kivu (Rwanda)

Credit: Stephanie Kamonro (Rwanda) The two photos show fishing boats, gears and techniques,  as practiced in Lake Kivu. The efficiency of such fishing practices as well as its impacts on fishery stocks in the lake is an issue of concern. The second photo shows the harvesting of fish fry using mosquito nets. Note: We decided not …

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Fishery practices in Lake Nasser (Egypt)

The two photos show a common fishing practices in Lake Nasser. As seen in the photos, two fishermen operates this non-motorized fishing boat. Fishermen set the fishing seine in the place and position which they expect the best based on their experience. One of the fishermen start to beat water surface with an iron rod …

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