Sea Turtle Rescue program in Italy

Photo credit: Patricia Martin Cabrera

Review: Patricia Martin Cabrera and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Sea turtle rescue program (Italy)




The inserted picture was taken in the Lampedusa Turtle Rescue Center, Italy upon the release of a recovered turtle into the sea. The center cares for and rehabilitates injured turtles as well as those caught illegally before releasing them back into the sea. Most of the injuries are caused by fishing gears especially when accidentally captured with longline hooks or trawling nets. The center aids about 200 turtles annually.

The activities of the center go beyond treating and releasing injured turtles to conserving their environment and nesting sites. Turtle tagging and monitoring are among the main activities of the center; the program now monitors more than 5,000 turtles. Moreover, the conservation program includes the creation of awareness among tourists and community members in regard to the conservation of turtles. The Rescue Center relies greatly on volunteer efforts from all over the world and the partnership of several Italian universities.



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