Frog reproduction and metamorphosis – Video



Video provided by: Juan Martin Canturin Garcia (Peru)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)


The video starts with the mating in bull frogs which is known as “Amplexeus”. During mating, the male fertilizes the eggs upon their release from female’s body. On the average, a female frog lays up to 4,000 eggs at one time. Fertilized eggs hatch into tadpoles that live in water and are equipped with gills, a mouth, and a tail.

Tadpoles undergo metamorphosis as they develop starting with back legs, then front legs. Afterwards, the mouth starts to widen, then eyes start to bulge out and the tail begins to shrink and eventually disappear.  As the lungs turns full develop, the froglet by then are frogs that make its way onto the land. The changes and modifications through metamorphosis prepared the frogs for a terrestrial existence.

In addition to mentioned changes, the metamorphosis in frogs also includes the replacement of the cartilaginous skull of the tadpole by the predominantly bony skull of the young frog. Moreover, the horny teeth the tadpole uses to tear up pond plants disappear as the mouth and jaw take a new shape, and the fly-catching tongue muscle of the frog develops. In order to suit the feeding behavior of frogs, the large intestine of tadpole (herbivores) shortens in frogs (more carnivorous).


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