Trade and consumption of dried fish in Myanmar

Photos’ credit: Yin Win Myat (Myanmar)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Dried fish market in Myanmar (02) Dried fish market in Myanmar (01)





The inserted photos were taken in a dried fish market in Yangon, Myanmar. Preserved fish including dried fish in Myanmar plays an important role in the local diet. Even people whose cultural tendency is towards vegetarianism, will still consume dried as well as fresh fish as an essential supplement to their vegetarian habits.

A household consumption study revealed that the expenditure (%) for dried fish ranges from 1.75 – 1.95% of total household expenditure for food. There are quite a few registered plants for dried fish in Myanmar.

Due to the quality concerns especially in regard to chemicals which could be in use to kill flies and maggots that infest dried fish, the use of pesticides is considered illegal according to a new Ayeyarwady Region law whereas violations can result in a significant penalty of jailing and fine. In line with that, the health agencies in regions producing salted fish offer education to the owners of dried fish companies targeting to stop the practice of pesticide use in the salting process.



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