Fish section in Mongu central market, Zambia

Credit: Numel Phiri (Zambia)

Fish section in a central market in Zambia


This picture is for a general market for fish and other goods as well. This is the second biggest in terms of fish trading after the Mulamba Harbor market which is at the hub of fish trading. However, the harbor market is characterized by fish trading structures made out of mud and poles and sometimes reeds.

The displayed types of fish in the present market include fresh, sun-dried, smoked and most recently salted fish. This market turns busiest in the evenings between 18 and 20 hrs.

The majority of fresh fish traders in this market are men whilst dry fish (especially small sized sun dried) is dominated by women. In regard to buyers in terms of consumers mostly are women.

Over 80 percent of fish caught is processed i.e. dried due to inadequate and in most cases lack of cold chain facilities.



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