Description and management of a fish farm in Bela Vista, Maputo (Mozambique)

Credit: Nick James (Rivendell Hatchery – South Africa)

Description and management of a fish farm in Mozambique


The photo shows a fish farm located at Bela Vista 42km south of Maputo on Rio Maputo (Mozambique). The farm consists of 26 of flooded half-hectare ponds, while many more are under construction. It took three years since starting the construction and getting into production. The farm receives its water by pumping from a nearby river.

Each 0.5-ha pond is stocked with 15,000 fingerlings of Nile tilapia “Vilanculos strain” which are acquired from a local hatchery. Because the growth performance of the strain is not as hoped, an improved strain of Nile tilapia would replace the current strain. Consequently, a significant improvement in the growth rate and yield is expected.

This farm is owned and run by an NGO which is a drug rehabilitation center (Healing Wings). Fish side is run by about 4 individuals. The farm has also three x 100m chicken broiler houses with 15,000 chickens that contribute the farm fertilization.

In general, the growing season required to reach an average size of 350 g, ranges from 8-10 months. Harvested fish is locally marketed in Maputo.



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