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Tilapia farming in Cabo Delgado (Mozambique) – Video

Video credit: Gabriel de Labra (Spain) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Egypt)     This 8-min video covers a growing season for tilapia as carried out in Cabo Delgado (Mozambique). This operation is a part of a project jointly operated by Mozambique Government and funded by the Red Cross (Spain). The object focuses on rural …

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Fish market in Maputo, Mozambique – Value chain strengthening

Photo credit: Tim Huntington (UK- Poseidon) Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)       The Maputo fish market is a popular market located at Costa do Sol, which is on the coastline towards the north of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. The market has stalls with all sorts of sea food …

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Description and management of a fish farm in Bela Vista, Maputo (Mozambique)

Credit: Nick James (Rivendell Hatchery – South Africa)   The photo shows a fish farm located at Bela Vista 42km south of Maputo on Rio Maputo (Mozambique). The farm consists of 26 of flooded half-hectare ponds, while many more are under construction. It took three years since starting the construction and getting into production. The farm …

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Delivering and transporting fish fingerlings to small-scale fish producers in Mozambique

Credit: Maria do Carmo Carrilho (Mozambique) The inserted photos show the delivery of fish fingerlings to peasant fish producers as a sideline activity. This picture was taken in one of the provinces of Mozambique during a FAO regional project (SADC countries) financed by Sweden and Belgium. This province had a governmental experimental, demonstration (including integrated fish-duck …

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Construction of fish ponds by the Katapua community, Namuno district, Mozambique

Credit: Gabriel de Labra (Spain) The photos show how the people (men and women) in the Katapua community while building fish ponds. This community is located in Namuno district, Cabo Delgado Province. The cost of such rural development project whether those related to pond construction, maintenance and fish fry has been supported  by Centro Tecnológico del …

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