Family aquaponics from porch to kitchen (Video)

This video was filmed on January, 6, 2015 during to my visit to Sacramento (the capital of California), USA. As shown in the video, this mini aquaponic has been established in the front porch of Mr. Paul Trudeau, house, my host who toured me two more aquaponic projects.

Family aquaponics (USA)



The one shown in this video is for family consumption as the plant crops and herbs were chosen to be consumed by family whether raw in salad or after a sort of processing.

Regardless the small size of this project, almost all principal components of aquaponics do exist including, water and fish tanks (100-gallon each), plant grow-bed, water pump, air pump, lightening system, tubing, etc.

Blue gill (Lepomis macrochirus), was the chosen fish species especially the introduction of tilapia to specific counties of California –including Sacramento- is banned. In order to ensure a better growth for the blue gills, arrangements are taken to maintain water temperature at 16 C and above. Fingerling feed with 50% protein is used in this particular operation.

There is variety of plants which are cultured in this project including “Kale”, “mibuna”, “Swiss chard”, “arugula”, “collard” and “shiso”.


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