Pond culture of Amazonian catfish (Pseudoplatystoma spp.) in Argentina

Photo credit: Herman Hennig Hernando (Argentina)

Review: Herman Hennig Hernando and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Doncella culture in Argentina 




The inserted photo shows the harvest of Amazonian catfish (Pseudoplatystoma spp.) grown in a fish farm of earthen ponds located in Caraguatay, Misiones province, Argentine.

This species which belongs to family, Pimelodidae is known by other common names such as “Surubi” and “Doncella”. This species is one of four species that have obtained the largest production from aquaculture in Argentine in 2013 whereas total aquaculture amounted 3825 tons (FAO), as most aquaculture projects are located in the provinces of Misiones, Buenos Aires, Neuquen and Chaco.

This fish “surubi” has a high commercial value due to the excellent flesh quality, its high marketability, and considered one of the most appreciated fish species for consumption.

The induced spawning of this fish would enhance the possibility of their commercial production through aquaculture even further.

Because this fish is carnivorous by nature, their best growth in aquaculture facility has been obtained when fish are fed with 38 and 40% protein diet having in consideration the production economics.



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