Integrating livestock into fish farming in Cameroon


Photo credit: Fabrice Juliot Mougang (Cameroon)

Review: Fabrice Juliot Mougang and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Integrated pigs into fish farming in Cameroon (02) Integrated pigs into fish farming in Cameroon (01)




These photo were taken in a fish farm in Ebolowa (the capital of Cameroon’s South Region) show a type of livestock integration into fish farming. The pictures show a piggery constructed over the pond which is often stocked with Nile tilapia. The integration between fish farming and livestock has been promoted by the government of Cameroon and supported by some International organization and development centers.

Based on several reports, it has been estimated that a stocking of 30 to 60 of 10-kg pigs/ha fish pond was most suitable for a stocking rate of about 12,000 of 3–5 cm tilapia fingerlings/ha; higher densities of tilapia have been reported.




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