Excessively crowded Snakehead fish in a thin film of water – Video

Video credit: Hai DO Xuan (Vietnam)
Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)

Snakehead in excessive density




The video has been filmed in a temporarily aquaculture facility in Vietnam.

One can easily see how specimens of snakehead in such excessive density while sliding, jumping and moving in such thin film of water.

Snakeheads are extremely hardy and tenacious fish. They breathe using both gills and a lung-like accessory breathing organ and so fish may survive out of water for days as long as their skin remains moist.

They hibernate in winter, and aestivate during summer droughts. These characteristics enabled the farming of snakehead in very high densities wherever its culture is allowed (e.g. Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia).

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