A Typical fish pond in Malawi

Credit: Medicine Alexander Dazilone (Malawi)





The pond shown in the inserted picture is in the southern part of Malawi in (Chikwawa District). The pond is approximately 400 sq meters. These ponds are very well taken care if and the green water is just witness to primary productivity in these ponds. In regard to feed, locally produced supplementary feed made from maize husks and soya beans is used.

This has been the size that has been promoted previously the Department of Fisheries so one is bound to get similar sizes among farmers whose ponds were constructed with help of the department of fisheries. However, Government has started promoting 1000sq meters.

That aquatic plant had just been removed from the pond manually. That weed on the pond dyke are water lillies and yes it is one of the common weeds that side of Malawi.



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