Display of smoked-dried fish in Chad

Photos’ credit: Photos credit: Aliadoumadji Rimadoum (Chad)

Review: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

Display of smoked-dried fish in Chad Display of smoked-dried fish in Chad (02)


The inserted pictures show the display of smoked/sun-dried fish in Chad in which fish are split in halves, gutted and hanged vertically.  

According to published surveys on the state of fish processing, about 20% of fish caught in Chad are dried. Also, nearly 60 percent of all cured fish in Chad, smoked or sun-dried, is exported to neighbor countries especially Nigeria. Almost all of the smoked and dried fish originated either from the Logone, from the Chari River near Sarh, or from Lakes Fitri, Iro, and Lake Chad.

In general, drying takes about three to six days depending on the weather and also the required moisture levels. For example, a hard-dried product takes up to three days of hot smoking, but will enjoy loner shelf-life which would allow for long-distance trading.





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