Intensive culture of red tilapia in biofloc system in Colombia

Photo credit: Marleyi Acuna Torres and Sandra Magally  Sanchez Trujillo (Colombia)

Review:  Marleyi Acuna Torres, Sandra Magally  Sanchez and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)


This picture was taken in an aquaculture facility where red tilapia has been intensively cultured in a floc system in Ubicación,  Antioquia (Colombia). Based on studies carried out in several parts of the world, tilapia has been recommended for microbial floc (biofloc) operations because of their unique adaptation to thrive in biofloc system with better performance compared to common aquaculture fish species.

In line with the above, biofloc systems has been promoted in aquaculture as a low-cost system for producing high-quality fish at reducing the cost of formulated feed which ultimately keeps tilapia prices competitive with other farmed species.

Colombia is having the lead in red tilapia culture has experimented to biofloc system when stocked with Nile tilapia, red tilapia, and white cachama.



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