Processing of sharks with zero waste – Oman

The inserted pictures show the processing of shark as carried out in a processing plant located in Wilayat Quiryat, Sultanate of Oman. The followings are the products and so the uses of different processed products.

Dried shark: As shown in the pictures, the shark meat is dried on screen rack. During drying, the meat is over-turned every day throughout the drying period which takes about 2 days in summer season extending to 5 days in winter. Dried shark is consumed mainly in the local market whereas the consumption is usually high during summer.

Shark fins: The shark fins are prepared for export to China where the demand on shark fins is significantly high and so its monetary value.

Dried shark skin: After drying the skin, it is packed to export to China

Liver oil: The oil is extracted from the shark liver and stored in regular barrels till sold. The liver oil is used to coat the hulls of wooden boats as a preservative against marine fouling.

Interestingly, whatever remained after the recovering the pre-mentioned parts/contents is not dumped. Instead, it is used as non-traditional fertilizer to the palm trees surrounding the processing establishment. In order to do that, a hole is dug close to the tree where a quantity of the remains is placed and water is added.

Shark processing and products (Oman)


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