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Processing of sharks with zero waste – Oman

The inserted pictures show the processing of shark as carried out in a processing plant located in Wilayat Quiryat, Sultanate of Oman. The followings are the products and so the uses of different processed products. Dried shark: As shown in the pictures, the shark meat is dried on screen rack. During drying, the meat is …

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Historic fish market in Zanzibar (1950)

Source: Last chance in Africa by: Negley Farson. 1950. Publisher: Victor Gollancz (London) The attached photo describes a fish market in Zanzibar as exactly cited in the source as follows: Zanzibar’s other scene of striking beauty is the harbour on a still sunset. Fish market, rich with the smells of dried shark and the reeking …

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Aquariums – MUNDO MARINO (Te mostramos lo que pasa en el fondo), Colombia

Photo credit: Glenda Vélez Calabria (Colombia) Information: translated from the Spanish version could be found on the website: http://imagenes.tupatrocinio.com/imagenes/5/7/3/6/65736070091555577057545152514548/Mundo%20Marino%20Te%20mostramos%20lo%20que%20pasa%20en%20el%20fondo.pdf The Marine World Aquarium (el Acuario Mundo Marino) is considered among the largest aquariums in South America. The aquarium is playing a significant role in enhancing visitors’ knowledge, conservation and proper use of marine resources. The …

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Display of finless sharks in Sharjah fish market (United Arab Emirates)

The photo shows the display of finless sharks in a retail shop in Sharjah fish market. Although, shark meat is consumed by human in variety of types (e.g. fresh, smoked, salted), shark fins are the most precious part of sharks which attain much higher monetary value in some Asian countries; China, Japan and Hong Kong in …

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Artisanal fishery in Sao Tome and Prince (dugout fishing boats)

Credit: Gabriel de Labra (Spain) More than half of the artisanal fishermen of São Tomé and Prince uses small dugouts without motor and fish using  hand line and target mostly demersal fish (groupers) or big pelagics (small tuna, merlin fish, sharks…). Note: We decided not to watermark the photos in order not to upset its clarity. …

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