Sun-drying of sardines for the use in fish feed in Gabon

Photo credit: Firmin Sangangoumou Nicaise and Talia Gladis Elingui (Gabon)

Review: Firmin Sangangoumou Nicaise, Talia Gladis Elingui and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The inserted picture shows the sun-drying of sardines in Gabon. On the average, two days are sufficient for the drying of sardines which are caught from the sea.

The use of sardine in fish feed may be justified for experimental purposes especially sardine is of top importance for the poor and low-income people in Gabon.

In order to ensure a sustainable sardine fishery in Gabon, the government has taken several actions and issued necessary regulations including period banning in certain locations, specifying the fishing gears and others.

Based on the nations encyclopedia, the Gabonese waters are estimated to be able to support an annual catch of 12,000 tons of sardines.



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