Landing and auctioning of Bluefin tuna in Oman (Video)

Ownership and review of this video: Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the video channel)

The video was filmed in the Berka fish market, Oman. This fish market has witnessed a significant improvement as the design of the market has been adopted the participatory approach including officials, fish quality staff, and fishermen.

During the visit, I had the chance to witness the unloading of a number of Bluefin tuna specimens (Thunnus thynnus) which has been caught at about 80-90 km distance from the shore.

The auctioning in a typical marketing system in which the auctioneer manages the operation and sells each piece at the price as offered by the buyers who are witnessing the auctioning exercise.

As the case in most fish markets, tunas are valuable fish and enjoy a high market price and in such large fish such as the Bluefin tuna, it is sold in slices as shown by the end of the video clip.

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