Breeding of seahorse in Thailand

Photos credit: Samart Detsathit (Thailand)

Review: Samart Detsathit and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The breeding of seahorse species has begun in Thailand around 2010 where the reproduction of several species of seahorse have been attempted including Hippocampus spinosissimus, H barbouri (original from Philippines), H mohnikei, H kellogi, H kuda, H komes and H trimaculatus.

The aim of seahorse reproduction is to be released in natural water for stock enhancement. The hatchery shown in one of the picture belongs to the Coastal Aquaculture Research and Development Regional Center (under the Department of Fisheries).

The seahorse shown in the glass aquarium are H kuda of 7-day old, the white bowl shows 10-day old stage of the same species while the last picture is for H barbouri of 40-day old juveniles.

In this particular facility, 35,000 seahorse juveniles have been produced and restocked in natural waters.


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