Development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture – 2018 Updated version

I delivered this lecture in the opening day of the 3-month training course (Fish Culture Development –Africa) on 16 July 2018. The official statistics have been used to develop the lecture. The over-all fish production systems have been addressed followed by the mode of development.  I tried to analyze and highlight the key point related to the features of aquaculture including the species composition, types of aquaculture, emerging systems and others. The production inputs of seed (hatcheries) and feed (feed mills) are covered in the lecture. Relating Egyptian aquaculture to the regional and world aquaculture has been addressed whenever required. The lecture included the Institutional framework and governing regulations. Fish trade (import and export) has been addressed in the lecture. Typically, this lecture starts and ends with human resources and capacity building.

Development and outlook of Egyptian aquaculture (2018)

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