Aquaculture training workshop in Sudan (7 – 11 October, 2018)

This group picture was taken in the first day of the aquaculture training workshop that was held in Khartoum and organized by the Agricultural Bank of Sudan during the period 7 to 11 October, 2018. This program is conducted under the South-South Cooperation Initiative and supported by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Egyptian International Centre for Agriculture (EICA) and the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD).

As planned, the workshop adopted several training tools starting with a preliminary presentation which I delivered in the first day. The field visits took place during the second and the third days while during the last two days several activities have been have been done including tailored lecturing, brain storming and ending by a development plan for enhancing the aquaculture production in Sudan over s definite period of time. I feel very pleased regarding the outcome of the whole event.

This event hosted 30 participants who belong to Ministry of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture, Research centers and the Agricultural Bank of Sudan. The name of this workshop participants are:

Abdelmalik Mohamed, Alalem Hamid, Amna Abdalla, Bakri Bushra, Ebtessam Abdallah, Essam Eldin, Fadl El Mawla, Fatima Elmahdi, Fatima Yousif, Hatim Alzain, Hiam Maysara, Howeida Yahia, Ibrahim Mostafa, Magda Abdelmegid, Mamoun Ahmed, Mamoun Mekawi, Marwa Abdeljalil, Mohamed Adam, Mogahed El Kher,  Mohamed Fasel, Mohammed Omar, Mona,  Motasim Soleiman, Mutasim Yousef, Noha Elmofti, Randa Eltayeb, Salim Aboubakr, Salma Hassan, Sakina Hassan, Yassine Mubarak



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