Fish Culture Development (regular training course – 2018 – EICA – Egypt)

Because of travels during October, my contribution to this year course has been delayed to today 11 November as I delivered my first lectures. This 10-week Fish Culture Development training course has been annually supported since 1988 by the Egyptian Government as represented in the Egyptian International Center for Agriculture (EICA). As usual, lectures in the course are delivered in English while simultaneous interpretation into French and Spanish takes place. The participants in this course are:

Ariel Martin Belavi (Argentina), Niampa Moussa (Burkina Faso), Armando Romero (El Salvador), Andria Melissa Ochoa Rodas and Leonel Antonio Zelaya Cerezo (Guatemala), Aritra Bera (India), Muhammad Bin Mohd Sabri (Malaysia), Mohammad Sohrab Magsi (Pakistan), Davis Alberto Gonzalez Samaniego (Panama), Hermes Ariel Montiel Benitez (Paraguay), Marx Perfecto C. Garcia (Philippines), Hadia Adam Mamour (Sudan), Ignacio Marcos Quartiani Zubieta (Uruguay), Lam Thi Huyen Tran (Vietnam), and Nathan Chama (Zambia)

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