Contribution of tilapia to aquaculture in Paraguay

Photo credit: Ariel Montiel Benitez (Paraguay) Review: Ariel Montiel Benitez and Abdel Rahman El Gamal (Founder of the website)

The inserted picture shows a section of the National Fry Production Center in Paraguay where the fingerlings of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) are produced. As shown in the inserted picture, school children and young people from Paraguayan universities are taking part in the internship.

Tilapia being not native to Paraguay, the introduction of Nile tilapia (O. niloticus) into Paraguay dates back to 1960 and was imported from Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), by a French technical mission. Later on, in 1990, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of the Faculty of Veterinarian Sciences (National University) introduced improved Nile tilapia (O. niloticus). According to FAO, the total aquaculture production in Paraguay, amounted 8500 tons in 2016. Out of which Nile tilapia is commercialized alive, fresh, frozen, and/or filleted.

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